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This class will introduce students to decoder systems in general, design principles, and installation techniques. Additional emphasis is given to grounding techniques and using a simple de­coder system setup for hands-on operation and troubleshooting common decoder system faults.
Course Objectives
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify common decoder system components.
  • Identify decoder system layouts.
  • Install decoder system components.
  • Properly ground a decoder system.
  • Troubleshoot a short in the decoder two-wire path system.
  • Troubleshoot an open in the decoder two-wire path system.
  • Troubleshoot an earth ground voltage fault in the decoder two-wire path system.
  • Manage and maintain decoder systems.
Note: When you register for the entire class, a student manual for that course will automatically be shipped to you (For United States based students only). Please allow seven business days for the manual to arrive. You may register for an individual module; however, you will not receive a student manual just for that module.

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Class Title Fee
1909-Factory Trained Decoder Technician Class $ 99.00
1909A-Decoder Introduction Module $ 0.00
1909B-Decoder Overview Module $ 20.00
1909C-Decoder Design Module $ 0.00
1909D-Decoder Installation Module $ 20.00
1909E-Grounding & Surge Protection Module $ 20.00
1909F-Decoder Troubleshooting 1 Module $ 20.00
1909G-Decoder Troubleshooting 2 Module $ 20.00