Rain Bird Services
Below is a list of all the classes being held at this location. Each class will be held at the time indicated and on the day marked with an [X]. Classes are scheduled for 4 hours; 8 hours; 12 hours or 16 hour (2 day) increments. Classes with multiple days marked with an [X] indicate a multiple day commitment.

To find out more about each class, use your mouse and point to the class title. A class description will appear with information about the class. Should you have additional questions, please contact us by calling 1-800-498-1942 or send an email to training@rainbird.com

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Rain Bird Services Online Training
Class Title Fee
3599-Rain Bird Basics Online Bundle $129.00
0500-Irrigation Systems Overview (Module) $ 0.00
0501-How to do an Irrigation System Evaluation (Module) $ 9.99
0502-How many heads per irrigation valve? (Module) $ 9.99
0503-Replacing a Sprinkler Head (Module) $ 9.99
0504-Rotor Nozzle Replacement (Module) $ 9.99
0505-Rotor Adjustment (Module) $ 9.99
0506-Rotating Nozzle Replacement (Module) $ 9.99
0507-Rotating Nozzle Adjustment (Module) $ 9.99
0508-Spray Nozzle Replacement (Module) $ 9.99
0509-Spray Nozzle Adjustment (Module) $ 9.99
0510-Valve Electric Solenoid Replacement (Module) $ 9.99
0511-Repairing PVC Pipe Breaks (Module) $ 9.99
0512-Repairing Poly Pipe Breaks (Module) $ 9.99
0513-Replacing a Valve Diaphragm (Module) $ 9.99
0514-Controller Programs (Module) $ 9.99
0515-Installing a Rain Sensor (Module) $ 9.99
0601- Maintaining a Drip System (Module) $ 9.99
0602- Repairing a Dripline Break (Module) $ 9.99
0603- Drip System Evaluation C&J (Module) $ 9.99
0604-Installing a Point-Source Emitter (Module) $ 9.99
0701- Landscape Grading (Module) $ 9.99
0702- Calculating Slope (Module) $ 9.99
0703- Drainage Catch Basins (Module) $ 9.99
0704- Installing a Drainage Pop-up (Module) $ 9.99